A good ol’ hike

Hi everyone!! Recently we have been doing a lot of hiking, since it’s the holidays and you do need to get out the house sometime! We have really been enjoying these hikes and wanted to share why we think you should give it go, as well as some top tips and hiking ‘essentials’. Enjoy the… Continue reading A good ol’ hike


Banana Bread Granola: Oil free and Vegan

Hi guys, so today we are back with a new recipe for you guys to enjoy. We love granola, honestly who doesn't? However most shop-bought granolas contain a load of unnecessary ingredients or chemicals, which you don't really want in your bowl at all! We tend to make our own granola every week. It is… Continue reading Banana Bread Granola: Oil free and Vegan

Baking, Recipes

Heavenly Blueberry Muffins

We LOVE Blueberry Muffins, and they are often our go to when out and about, but often they are a bit disappointing; too sweet and lacking in blueberries. We love cooking, and think more teenagers should discover the joys of baking. We have tried countless recipes searching for the best (and not too difficult), eaten many, many muffins in the process, and this recipe; adapted from one by Bake-a-boo has come up trumps!! Packed with juicy blueberries and not too sweet, they are guaranteed to be a stunner!!


Today We Had a Pajama Party

So today we spent the majority, well actually all of the day, in our pajamas, having a party. Well not really a party, we are not really party people, it was for me Grace a day of revision (so much fun. Not) and for me Rose writing my new story. However it seems that teenagers… Continue reading Today We Had a Pajama Party

First Blog Post

Hello Big Wide World, Welcome to Our Blog

Hello Everyone!! We are Grace, 16 and Rose, 14; two soul sisters navigating the sometimes weird, and sometimes wonderful world together. After being massive blog lovers for a while now, we have taken the big, and of course 'life changing' decision to start a blog, about our ordinary yet extraordinary adventures. We are extremely close,… Continue reading Hello Big Wide World, Welcome to Our Blog